This is a collection of some motion graphic projects I have done in the past.

I mainly use After Effects and Premier Pro, but have dabbled in 3D Max and more recently in Blender. I also have a Youtube channel – Fluck

If you have an exciting project that involves some motion graphics – give me a shout!


Company Promo

Apexeon Connect
Promotional video done for Apexeon, a fibre internet solutions company.
After effects used for the entire project. What a fun project!

Video Intro

Cloud & Text intro
A graphical intro for a speedflying video by FLUCK. A combination of Premier pro and After Effects used to create the composition. Clouds created from scratch.


Animated Logo Reveal
An internet advert for Stanley Tools, created to advertise a new range of products, with 3D models and after effects graphics


Ultimate Sports Network
As this was a university project, I had free reign with this project. With this being for an extreme sports channel, USN needed a logo with attitude.

After Effects was used to creating this logo animation.



Glaxo Smith Kline
A logo animation was required by GSK for in-house promotional purposes.

A 3D version of their logo was created and animated using 3DMax and After Effects.


Talent show
Mi Talent required a logo animation for their website, TV adverts and promotional purposes. A 3D version of their logo had to be created and then animated.

A combination of 3DMax Studio and After Effects was used when creating this logo animation.

Rand Show

Animated Logo Reveal
A quick logo reveal of the yearly event ‘Rand Show’.
3D recreation of their logo with additional graphics.