Bringing electric to South Africa

Electric Lifes vision is to help better the world by importing and manufacturing electric mobility products, whilst creating a new age eco friendly lifestyle of horsepower and fun. Our brand plans to accomplish this by only producing and being associated with the highest quality, and most advanced tech in the world.

We proudly represent and hold licensing of some of the top tech e-mobility brands in the world who are currently shaping the future day by day,Namingly Rimac Automibili,Greyp e-bikes,Alta Motors,Lightning Superbike’s, Prodectech and many more.

Modern look and feel website created, with custom video backgrounds and product specs pages. Online booking and order functionality included on the site.


– Online Shop
– Look & Feel
– Website
* Responsive layout (web – mobile)
* Online shop
* Book and Reserve functionality
* Product Details
* Contact/inquiry form

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