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Our Minds Music

World class psychedelic music from independent, unique artists. Africa’s first record label focused on the eclectic and intelligent sound design of underground forest/psychedelic music. A brand new look & feel created for this upcoming music label site. With strong ties to the trace world, Our Minds have created a name for themselves. Now expanding into […]

Zen Life

Your body and spiritual well-being experts Zen Life is a unique way to get your spiritual life back on track. With a bodywork studio, corporate bodywork and professional training, these guys are your complete body and spiritual well-being experts. A look & feel as well as a website was created from the current logo, getting […]

Tandem Skydive

Come and jump with the best! As skydiving is a passion for me, this was a really great project to work on! A complete branding project was undertaken for Tandem Skydive, which included a logo, look & feel as well as a website. An exciting look and feel was created for this “one-page” website, playing […]


Online fashion magazine Pickmix is a London-based, bi-annual print and online publication, focusing on men’s fashion, trends and high-octane personalities. A full-width, responsive website was created with a back-end content management system. Bespoke transitions along with touch friendly carousels aligns the feel of this website to this modern brand. Requirements: – Concept – Look & […]


Because fathers matter This project was a complete branding of a new company – DaddiCare. This brand focuses on childcare through the eyes of a father. A strong/manly look and feel was created for the brand, along with a logo illustrating a child’s hand inside his fathers’ – representing the relationship between Daddicare and it’s […]

Cap Tap

No Spill This was my first industrial design project, where a product had to be designed from client sketches and specification. CapTap has evolved from simple sketches to a full blown product. First drafts were done using 3D Max, along with a video using After Effects. The final draft was done in Rhino CAD, and […]

Enviro Plastic

100% recycled lifestyle products Working on the Enivro Platic project really opened my eyes about the importance of plastic recycling and the effect it has on our planet! This piece was a complete re-brand of the company with updated look & feel along with a website with shopping cart functionality. A very professional approach was […]