Our Minds

Music. Art. Design.

Our Minds has three divisions to its ever evolving thought process - Music, Art and Design.
We are creating a beautiful book filled with your amazing memories and experiences at different psychedelic music festivals from around the world! Different cultures, different perspectives, different places, yet all under the same sky, stars and Moon! A very unique look into the minds of our people. Our global family. Our Minds.

A brand new look & feel created for this existing brand. With strong ties to the trace world, Our Minds have created a name for themselves over the last few years.

As this is a site all about the user stories & experiences, I have created an"experience" for them. A fully customised canvas background with interactive geometry and following star field - sure to keep anyone entertained.


- Look & Feel
- Website
* Responsive layout (web - mobile)
* Custom Canvas background
* Music player
* Custom CMS
* Integrated Facebook widget
* Integrated Google Maps

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